Thirst For Yours Production
Website, Print, and Design Direction

Alongside Sprite, UPROXX crowd-sourced emerging talent to join together to create a music video for Sprite Way Artist, Moxie Knox. Having the help of selected industry experts, our chosen team use their talents to work through the ins-and-outs of the prodcution of a music video with a final release party at the end to celebrate.

Designing Our Production:

SPRITE_BTS_90s_CUTDOWN_FINALv2 from Aaron Nandor on Vimeo.

Sprite Way Artist:
Moxie Knox

Designing a System to
Crowd-Source Our Crew

Through a CTA on Sprite’s Instagram Story, we directed applicants
to a section of UPROXX’s website where one would then fill out
a form including their title, story, and personality questionnaire.

Our Crew

Upon fully reviewing all of our applicants from all across
the United States we arrived on our final production crew.

Crew Shirts

Once having the Crew solidified a Crew Shirt
was designed featuring all of our teams names and titles.

The Music Video
& Title Design

Music Video Premiere
& Event Design

The Music Video Premiere took place Friday, October 18, 2019,
at As We Dwell in the Arts District of Los Angeles, CA